File Types

Ok folks, here’s the deal.  We can work with .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd, .ai, .pdf and .tiff files.  Please do not send the following files, .ppt (we will not be projecting any files here), .doc (mostly word or word pad files, these are acceptable if you have typesetting needs and are just submitting text), .xls and just about any other file that is not listed above.


We are currently working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop version CS2.  All raster files should be created at 300 dpi at the desired print size, vector files should be sized properly as well and all fonts should be converted to paths. We do not work in MS Paint and will probably get very mad if you send Word files. Come on folks, should you really put graphics into a word processing file? We wouldn’t try and serve you a sandwich on a tire would we?


Our standard print dimensions are 13″wide by 15″ tall (8 color max) and we can print up to 16″ wide by 22″ tall (8 color max), although there may be extra charges depending on the placement and amount of ink used or time needed to print.

Artwork help/charges

If you are having any problems with files check the FAQ section or email us and we can help you out.  If you need us to work on files we would be happy to but have to charge for our time.  We are currently charging $50 per hour but we break it up quarterly as to be fair.