Howdy, partners!  We hope this will help answer some of your questions. This is an ongoing effort to answer less questions via email and telephone so that we can work more, and keep prices low.

Q: My file is very big, like 80mb, and I can’t send it in email. How can I get it to you?

A: You can start by making sure you don’t have extra information in your files. If it’s a raster file, please crop to the artwork and save it as rgb. If it is black and white, please save it as grayscale. Also, we really don’t need all 18 layers of your file so please flatten it- if we need to alter something with the layers we can deal with that then. Make sure your file is at 300 dpi and at the proper print size.  For raster files we prefer .tif or .pdf. If it is still more than 15mb, then you can send it through a service such as

Q: My band is going on tour this weekend and we need shirts and stickers, can you make them in time?

A: Possibly, it all depends on our current workload, and will require a rush charge.  Why would you wait until now to order this stuff, though, did you set your tour up yesterday? We will accommodate any and all orders we can.  We are not fans of charging extra, but we will if it requires us working overtime on your order.
1. Good  2. Fast  3. Cheap
Pick two!

Q: Can you take my logo off of my website and print it on a shirt?

A: Probably not, most items on the web are sized for display resolution (72 dpi). Unless you have a high resolution download of your logo on your site, we will most likely have to put some art time into it, and this will add to the cost of your order. It’s best to supply us with a higher res version, or hard copy.

Q: Can you print over the zipper on a hoodie?

A: Usually, it really depends upon all details of the order. We print all items by hand, and sometimes the more detailed stuff doesn’t come out well printed over a zipper. There is also the issue of ink buildup in the seam. We do have alternate methods of printing these types of things, and like to tackle these requests one at a time. Normally we have to charge a little extra for that, as well.

Q: Can you print from the front of the shirt over the shoulder, onto the back?

A: No. However, we can print two separate prints on the front and the back . They are tough to line up, so this also depends on the artwork.

Q: Can you print onto the sleeve from the front/back of the shirt?

A: No, we cannot, we would have to do separate prints for that as well.

Q: Can you print “all over” on my shirt?

A: No.  We can get that done for you, but you have to do quite a few shirts.  Our prints are limited to the max size of 16″ wide by 22″ tall.  Besides, all over prints look dumb!

Q: Can you print my logo in different colors on different shirts?

A: Yes, we can change any color in your design for $5 per color/per location during the print run.

Q: Can I order different color tees within the same order?

A: Yes, but please don’t submit 14 different shirt colors with tons of different sizes and print colors. Each one of these variables results in a lot more of our time being used up, and we don’t want to have to charge extra for the sorting time.


Q: Can you print on my shirts that I bring to you?

A: Yes, we do have a $.25 per garment charge for supplied garments. We always suggest that you check our prices out first, since we get good wholesale rates.  Please do not bring shirts that are just thrown into a bag, or that are covered in pet hair!  Spend a few minutes and make sure they are organized.

Q: Can you do my order cheaper/faster if I come in and help out?

A: No, but you can bring us a 12 pack of Heineken, and we might think about doing them faster.

Q: Can you print a single item for me?

A: We would rather not. We have a minimum print charge of $25, plus the garment and the screen fee.

Q: Will you sponsor our sports team, or do our order cheaper if you put your logo on our shirts?

A: This all depends on our current financial situation, and the cause or event that the shirts are involved in. We like to support whenever we can, but sometimes we need the cash to pay the endless amount of NYS taxes, damn the man!

Q: Are you on facebook?

A: Yes, if you feel the urge, please “like” us! We know you like us already, but you gotta hit that little button to really like us. Who knows, you may get some sweet promo deals too. See here.